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Failure can be such a devastating thing to us, can’t it? Whether we are trying to learn to ride a bike, paint a picture, stop a bad habit, or go on a diet. We tend to determine we aren’t worth the effort. We decide we are not good enough. We make up our minds we can not do it and will never be able to do it. But what does it, failure, really mean? It means we tried, at least once, to do something. The danger comes when we do not try again. The giving up is what keeps us from success.

I imagine if I was diligent enough, I would discover I fail God at least 50 times a day. Should I give up?

God is full, unlimitlessly full, of amazing grace and love. He knows we will fail…many times. He wants us to continue to try. I believe He sees most of these failures as lessons and not necessarily failures as we see them. He knows we have to learn His way and listen to Him and understand Him … and obey Him. Each one is learned. Do you want to learn? From God Himself? I do.

The next time you do something that you know does not please Him, don’t beat yourself up. Ask forgiveness and do better next time. Learn. Trusting in His forgiveness does not give us free rein to depend on Him to forgive us with no limits. Nope. Doesn’t mean that at all. That is not repentance. True repentance is turning away from sin, not just the act of asking for forgiveness. It means this - He can see our hearts, knows our thoughts, and knows when we are truly trying. He also knows we are human. If we are trying to obey, and since He knows this, He will forgive. On the other hand, if we do wrong only to ask forgiveness afterwards and expect Him to forgive the same thing over and over, He knows that too. God will not be mocked. So don’t.

Remember this: God is on your side. He is not a God that is hiding in wait to jump on you for doing wrong. He is pulling for you. He is the One True God who loves us beyond anything we can do or imagine.

When you were little and learning to walk or ride a bike, did your Daddy stand there egging you on so he could punish you if you fell? Of course not! Your Daddy stood there ready to catch you should you falter. To encourage you to try again and cheer you on. Because he loved you. God loves you more.

When you were a teenager, did your Daddy believe everything you said? Nope. He knew better, didn’t he? And he wasn’t even God. So keep yourself honest when you are living the Christian life and don’t try to fool God. You WILL fail in that.

God loves you. More than you know!

Lord, Father God, please forgive us for thinking we can just mutter “sorry” and go on. We must turn away from our sins and change.

Proverbs 14:9 - Fools mock at making amends for sin, but good will is found among the upright. (NI)

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30.01 | 14:39

I love this!

18.05 | 12:05

If we would just listen, we will hear Him! I need this!

29.06 | 00:15

Powerful !

26.06 | 21:00

How wonderful!

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