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Do you want all, really ALL, all that God can give you? Do you want 1 of everything He offers, or 2 of everything, or 3.…. Do you want a truckload of His blessings? Do you want all the things He can provide: peace, joy, love, compassion, understanding, spiritual gifts, to say nothing of salvation? Do you want financial blessings, want your health blessed, want your family saved, want a good marriage, want your children to follow Him, want a promotion, want to retire, want a summer house? You get the picture.

We want Him to give us all these things because He offers it. He does, but what is our responsibility in this?

Do we give Him all? Does He get our undivided attention a few times a day? Does He receive the praise He deserves once a week? Do we have a personal mission that will glorify Him, not us?

How often do we pray? (Prayer includes praise, communication and a thank you scattered here and there.) Praying is not just “I want this and I want that and I need this and I need that and so-in-so wants this…..” How often do we sit down, television off, and talk to Him? And how often do we listen? Do we read the Bible every day?

Do we serve at church? Do we serve in some other way? Do we serve our friends? Do we serve Him?

Realize that God does indeed offer His blessings freely. Why are we not willing to give back to Him? Do you know about the law of resciprocity? Do we think we can take everything without giving anything at all? Does it work that way in your world? Not in mine.

God gives to us what we are ready to receive. When we become Christians we are like children learning one step at a time. We crawl, we stumble, and we fall. Then we walk. Eventually we learn a lesson and go to the next one. (We must learn our lessons.) How can God bless us financially when we don’t even manage our own meager earnings? When we don’t give 10%, or 5%, or whatever %, of an income of $20,000 - will we give 10% of $200,000? Probably not. If we give our % in each step of our income, we learn to obey as well as manage money. How can God bless our marriages if we never talk to Him about any problems, then listen, and then obey? Does God put people together because they are both perfect or because they are perfect for each other? What would you do if God gave you the perfect husband? You would go CRAZY! Instead He shows us how to adjust to each other. One lesson at a time.

Don’t be mad at God because you didn’t get that job you wanted, or because you are single, or because you are sick. Sit with Him. Ask Him what it is He wants you to see and understand. (Read His Voice on another page at this site.)

God teaches us one lesson at a time. Learn that lesson so He can bring you to the next.

Lord Jesus, reveal to us how to learn from You.  May we accept that we can only study one lesson at a time.  Let us see that if we want all You have to give, we must be willing to give. 

Proverbs 9:9 - Teach a wise man, and he will be the wiser; teach a good man, and he will learn more. (LB)

May 23, 2013


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30.01 | 14:39

I love this!

18.05 | 12:05

If we would just listen, we will hear Him! I need this!

29.06 | 00:15

Powerful !

26.06 | 21:00

How wonderful!

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