Gentle Whispers


How many times in your life has someone said to you, “You are so special”? “You are special because…” Today I was thinking about that. Then my next thought was how can I be special to God? If I’m special does that mean others are not? Are there people who are more special than me? How many of us can be special?

Do you have children? Do you have 2, 3, 4, 5 children? Which one is not special to you? Seriously, which is NOT special?

That’s exactly how God feels about us. We are His children once we accept Jesus. Do I understand how God can have so many children and STILL think each one is special? No! But He is God, right?

We have a whole book to explain Him to us; to explain His laws; to explain His ways. Yet, we still do not understand it all. He even says we will not understand everything until we get to Heaven. So don’t try to understand everything.  Trust what He says. Accept it.

To accept that you are special to Him, you must trust that you are. Do you trust Him? Do you trust that He never lies? Then you must accept that He sees you as special.

So, is it possible you could be special? Friend, you already are! You may not recognize it yet, but it’s there and He wants to nurture it in you.

Father, touch our hearts to believe that we are indeed special to you. That you love us so much it is not understandable. Let us not spend time wondering about this but to just trust You that it is so.

Deuteronomy 7: 6-8 For you are a holy people, dedicated to the Lord your God. He has chosen you from all the people on the face of the whole earth to be his own chosen ones. He didn’t choose you and pour out his love upon you because you were a larger nation than any other for you were the smallest of all! It was just because he loves you…

April 2, 2013



As I Sit


Today, here alone, as I sit in so much pain I want to run away from this life. But, of course, I can't run. I can barely walk today. Why, I ask myself. I remember that yesterday I had physical therapy but it wasn't the actual physical therapy that is making me hurt because there wasn't really any to speak of; it was my first visit so most of the visit was spent discussing problems, etc. But aftewards I had several errands. That's the real why I'm hurting today. I did too much. Now I never thought I'd have to one day say that driving to WalMart to have groceries placed into my car by someone else, mine you, then make a quick trip to Hobby Lobby would be too much for me, much less put me in bed.

My devotional today says nothing in my life is by chance. He allows circumstances, good and what we see as bad because he can make good from that "bad". I need to trust him more. I don't trust him enough! Bottom line. I just don't. So, evidently I NEED these seemly bad circumstances to give me the opportunity to grow. I remember the times when I hated to hear that phrase---it's an opportunity to grow... I wondered how anyone could really mean what they were saying. Did they go home and feel the same way I did? Did they resent those words? But if you are really open to what God wants to show you, you can grasp the freedom in those words. Letting go of any resentment makes room for understanding, then learning, then those "opportunities". Do you want to grow in Christ or not? It's just that simple. Surrender to him so he can fill you with freedom.

So, here I sit and whisper...."Jesus, I need you. I do. Please come, sit with me, comfort me, encourage me, bless me in spite of this problem. Fill me with Your Spirit and help me grow. I want to grow. I want to be what you want me to be. Lord, I see so many flaws in myself that I wonder how you can do anything at all with me! I know I'm a stubborn child, rebellious even. I want to be submissive. Being submissive means the load is on you, Lord I know you can handle anything, anything at all. Anyone, anyone at all. Any circumstance. Any attitude.

You are the great I AM. There is no other. There are so many times I wish I had the words to explain to others just Who You are and how I know it. How I feel You with me. How I know You are real. How you move in my life. Let me be a beacon to others.

As I sit here,alone. Do a work in my heart, in my spirit. Place that light so brightly in me that others must see it AND recognize You in it. Let my words be Your words. Hold my tongue from saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Give me wisdom, Godly wisdom. Stop me from doing or saying anything that would hurt others. Even though it may not be intented to harm. Though I may not realize I did or said the wrong thing, stop me, Lord, stop me. Check my spirit every time. Let my life lead to You.

June 2018

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I love this!

18.05 | 12:05

If we would just listen, we will hear Him! I need this!

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Powerful !

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How wonderful!

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