When I was 13 I went to a Christian summer camp. This is something we always did, every summer for a week. This particular summer was no different … at first.

We had the typical summer camp activities. Crafts, swimming, volleyball, picnics. We also had worship services; sometimes inside, sometimes outside. We had dorms where 12-15 girls stayed, as I remember, and the same for the guys. Each dorm had two adults assigned to stay there also. There were no air-conditioners so a lot of us brought fans, it was summer in Louisiana after all.

One night at an outside service, I saw a vision. Some of you may not believe me and that’s ok, I understand. But this is true. And I hope you will come to believe.

We were all standing and singing, worshiping the Lord. I can’t say exactly why, but I was so totally happy and enjoying everything about the service. At some point I opened my eyes and looked up into the sky. I saw Jesus. I know, people will say this can not be true, the Bible says no one has or will see Jesus until we get to Heaven. What it actually says is no man can see God’s face. I saw Jesus, who is God, but….But I did Him.. The first thing I noticed was His glaringly white clothing moving with the breeze. It was so white! It glowed with whiteness. I saw angels around Him singing. They were beautiful. And happy. When I looked toward Him, I could see Him dancing, singing, laughing and looking at me. He was rejoicing over me. Me. He was taking notice of me. I never gave a thought about if anyone else could see Him that night. I was wrapped up in Him. Then I looked at His face. I remember thinking do I dare try to look at His face? If I do, this whole vision will probably just disappear. Then I did look at His face. It was perfection! We don’t know of this type of perfection on earth. He was perfect -especially His eyes. The thing I remember most is His eyes. Love saturated His eyes, flooding out to me. I have never, ever felt so much love. I was not willing to look away for fear He might go away. I looked at every inch of His face; everything about Him was perfect, that’s the only word I can use to describe Him. It was all breath-taking and I wanted so much to be able to remember His face. Finally, I felt I could no longer look upon Him, I could not take it all in. I looked away and He was gone.

Can I describe Him to you today? No. I cannot. If I had to draw Him I could not. No one can draw anything that perfect. All I can say is He was absolutely perfection and He was filled with love.

Now, here’s the thing. Even after this miraculous event, I fell away from Him. This world can do that to do if you don’t stay in communication with Him.

But after all my sinful ways after seeing Him, I was able, through His mercy and grace, to return to Him. I can not begin to describe what an overwhelming love it is for Him to forgive me over and over again. Please understand that “I was able to return to Him” does not mean that Jesus finally allowed me to return; it means I finally chose to return.

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again - I did not and do not today deserve what He did on the cross and what He does for me every day..every single day that I live. One of my favorite Bible verses is below. I still remember how happy I was the day I found this scripture in the Bible.

Father, help us to know in our hearts just how much you rejoice over us when we come to You. Let us know it!

ZEPHANIAH 3:18 - He will rejoice over you with singing.

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30.01 | 14:39

I love this!

18.05 | 12:05

If we would just listen, we will hear Him! I need this!

29.06 | 00:15

Powerful !

26.06 | 21:00

How wonderful!

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