Gentle Whispers


In April of 2007, a friend called me at 9:10 p.m. This friend called to tell me the 9:00 news just said there were a lot of burglaries in my neighborhood. Cars were the main target for the burglaries. So, if I had anything in the car, maybe I should bring it inside.

I sat there another 20 minutes. I did happen to have gifts in the car for my grandchildren. Typically, I would have waited until 10:00 to go to the car and bring the toys inside before settling down for the night. But at 9:30, instead of 10:00, I decided to go to the car and bring my stuff inside while a commercial was playing. So, I did just that and brought everything into the house.

At 10:00, as I was straightening up the house, turning out lights and the television, I heard a pounding on my front door; a fist-pounding sound. I don’t have any idea how I knew my front door was being pounded by a fist, but this I knew. I said to myself, “Who in all the world?” I walked from the den through the kitchen, dining room and living room. By the time I got to the foyer, the pounding had stopped. I looked outside my window for a neighbor standing in the yard - there was no one there. I looked at the driveway thinking a family member had stopped by - no car. Again, I say to myself, “I must be hearing things!” And started picking up again as I walked back to the den.

When I returned to the kitchen I heard someone kicking in my back door. I don’t know how I knew it was kicking - it sounded like kicking. Since the back door was 7 feet from where I was standing, I took off to my bedroom for the phone. I picked up the phone but it was dead. My cell was in my purse - in the foyer. I went through the jack-and-jill bathroom adjacent to my bedroom to the next bedroom which faces the back door. That bedroom door was closed. It is always open, but that night it was closed.

It was all so surreal. I felt exactly like I was in a movie. I could almost hear the audience saying, “Don’t open the door, don’t open the door!” I could hear the kicking, then it stopped and then it started again. I didn’t know what to do. Do I open the door just to find someone in my house? I decided to take the chance and try to get to my cell in the foyer. I slowly opened the door. My back door was still standing, so I took off for the foyer. I grabbed by cell and, again, had to go by the back door to get to the best place to hide. He was still kicking. I found a place to hide and dial 911.

As I sat hidden, I experienced small details of my life, like flashes of a video. I wasn’t thinking about my life, not my past life, although I was certainly thinking about my life at that moment. Isn’t it strange how our minds work?

It seemed like it took an hour, but I know it was only a matter of minutes, for 3 police cars to pull into my yard. The kicking had just stopped. 

I told the police what had happened and they looked around for a while, but he was long since gone. They did take prints from the back door though.

One of the cops asked me to come look at my back yard. It was complete darkness. I could not see 2 feet in front of me. Scary. He said I should get a ton of lights which I did. As he and I were looking around, he lit up my back door with his flashlight and we found that my door was cracked. One more good kick and that door would have been down.

Now who do you think put the thought in this guy’s head that he could not kick this door down and should just leave?

As it turns out, that pounding on the front door was part of his MO. He would pound on the front door and if no one answered he would go to the back door and kick it in.  Once inside he would take anything he could find and kill anyone at home.  The guy was caught and has been convicted on 4 counts of murder. He had killed a mother and daughter the day or so before coming to my house. That same week an elderly couple were found dead - in a neighborhood not far from me.

Had I gone to my car at 10:00 that evening, I would have met the intruder at my front door, right there on my porch.  Thank God I went to my car at 9:30.  

That night I experienced the well-known phenomenon of your life flashing before your eyes as well as the reliving a terror event phenomenon.  For nearly two years I would wake up during the night thinking I heard someone pounding on the front door;  then, occasionally for 2 or 3 years after that.  Now I fully understand people who have a flashback to something that happened in their lives.  You don't have to be thinking about the event for it to flashback to you.

God protects us when we are sleeping, laughing, eating, reading, or getting ready for bed. Isn’t He marvelous? We don’t have to be praying or reading the Bible; we don’t even have to be thinking about Him.  He still protects us.

Father, thank You for Your omnipresence. Thank you for loving us and protecting us at all times.

Psalms 4:8 I will lie down in peace and sleep, for though I am alone, O Lord, you will keep me safe.

April 2007


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I love this!

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If we would just listen, we will hear Him! I need this!

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Powerful !

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How wonderful!

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