Gentle Whispers


 One day, a completely ordinary day, I was doing the usual clean up around the house. It was about time to start supper but I had folded a few clothes that needed to be put away. As I passed the television set in my bedroom, I heard a news bulletin. I stopped and waited to hear what it was all about as I sat on the bed.

There had been another two deaths in the Gulf War. A helicopter carrying two Americans was down in the water somewhere on the other side of the world. Two young men lost. I began to cry with such a sudden and deep hurt that I was startled. My husband came into the room and asked me what was wrong. All I could get out was a helicopter was down. He said he knew; he had heard about it earlier in the day. He asked if they had identified the men. Was it someone we knew? I said I did not know who they were. The media had not released the names yet. He was confused. Why was I crying if I did not even know who they were? Why was I crying so hard? I had no answer; I did not know.

All I knew was my heart was broken and crushed. I was as confused as he was. 

I had been planning to go to a baby shower the next day or so. However, a friend called to tell me the baby shower had been cancelled. The friend being honored at the shower was married to one of the men in that helicopter. Then I began to understand a little about why my spirit had been so distraught from the news bulletin the day before.

Maybe my friend was being told her husband was gone during the moments the rest of the world, like me, were just finding out someone else had been lost. Maybe the military were sitting with her at that moment in her home trying to comfort her; knowing they could not.

Maybe God wanted me to pray at that very moment in spite of my not understanding what it all meant. I know now that I was praying for her.

 I cried and prayed that day for a long time. I am so glad I did pray then. I hope my prayers helped somehow.

 When God leads us to pray, we should pray. He knows what He is doing. He sometimes leads us to do things we do not understand at the moment, but we should always obey Him. It is our honor to hear His direction, feel His presence, and follow His lead.

Father, help us understand the importance of stopping to pray when You lead.  It does not matter that we understand the circumstances...You do.  All we need to do is obey You.  

Jeremiah 7:23  But what I told them was:  Obey me and I will be your God and you shall be my people; only do as I say and all shall be well!

April 1988


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30.01 | 14:39

I love this!

18.05 | 12:05

If we would just listen, we will hear Him! I need this!

29.06 | 00:15

Powerful !

26.06 | 21:00

How wonderful!

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