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I'll never forget one particular day I SAW the invisible.

My husband and I had been married just a short time and were looking for a new place to live.  I drove by a place I really liked and wanted us both to see it together.  We made the necessary arrangements.  

Shortly after entering the home I began to "see" blood splattered all over the walls.  The further inside I went, the more blood I saw.  I could see this blood as clearly as I could see my husband standing across the room.  Yet, I knew it wasn't physically there, but spiritually.  He did not see it and neither did the real estate representative.  My heart was heavy and saddened, guessing there must have been some type of horrible physical abuse that had taken place there.  

However, we loved the place and moved in a few weeks later.  Because of what I had seen, I purposely went through each room praying in the Spirit.  Afterwards, I didn't dwell on what I had seen; I was not afraid.  But I always wondered what had happened there.  Again, I assumed there had been some physical abuse.  Maybe the wife was beaten there or the children.

Then one night several years later, I found out what that blood represented.  I was in church at a rally.  We had several speakers.  During the evening, we heard several testimonials.  The topic?  Abortion.  One of the speakers passed out a list of the Baton Rouge doctors who performed abortions.  We were asked to take these lists home and pray for the innocent babies being killed as well as the men performing the abortions.  I looked down at the list that had been handed to me.  Browsing though it I found the names of several abortionsts and their business and home address.  What do you think I discovered?  On the address!  One of the doctors used to live where I was living.  

No wonder I saw blood - so much blood, innocent blood.  No wonder I had been so saddened.  No wonder I was compelled to pray.  

I'm thankful the Lord revealed what He did to me.  I'm glad I was able to pray for all those innocent babies slaughtered at this doctor's hands.  And for the doctor.

Can't see the invisible?  Oh, YES you can!

God communicates with us in many ways - sometimes He even shows us the invisible.

Father, help us understand Your ways.  You work in the spiritual world where everything is truly real without deceit.  Help us believe in Your word and Your power.  Open our hearts and spiritual eyes to receive what You have for us.

2 Corinthians 4: 18  So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal (NI)



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30.01 | 14:39

I love this!

18.05 | 12:05

If we would just listen, we will hear Him! I need this!

29.06 | 00:15

Powerful !

26.06 | 21:00

How wonderful!

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